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Methodologies to Promote Gender-Responsive Climate Resilience

This blog was originally published on June 15th, 2018 on Climatelinks.  Work is underway to identify areas where climate vulnerability, fragility and gender inequality overlap. Using desk research and technical mapping of these points of overlap around the world, the USAID-funded program Advancing Gender in the Environment (AGENT), is identifying countries most affected by this […]

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La Serie de Webinars AGENT Energía presenta: Políticas energéticas género-responsivas: experiencias de la región latinoamericana

Políticas energéticas género-responsiva: experiencias de la región latinoamericana Jueves 28 de junio a las 10am Centroamérica Las políticas energéticas tienden a ser consideradas acciones meramente técnicas, con ningún o poco contenido social. Sin embargo, esto no podría ser más ajeno a la realidad pues la energía es vital para apoyar todas las actividades humanas, desde las […]

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World Environment Day: Honoring women environmental defenders

Photo by WECAN By Lorena Aguilar 05 June 2018 Today, as we celebrate World Environment Day there is a group without equal in deserving recognition: environmental defenders. Little is known about them, even fewer know that many of these environmental defenders, especially in Latin America, are courageous women – of which many have given their […]

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of initial NIPs under the Stockholm Convention include gender and/or women keywords.

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