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Planting roots for a sustainable and equitable future

26 April 2017 In Malawi, when asked what trees should be planted as a part of forest landscape restoration (FLR) projects, local stakeholders—predominantly male—suggested trees that provide timber, charcoal, and furniture-making materials commonly used only to provide sources of income. However, in these communities, planting trees and restoring the landscape provides opportunities and benefits for […]

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GECCO Webinar: Innovative Finance Mechanisms to Unlock Women’s Entrepreneurship and Energy Access

GECCO Webinar: Innovative finance mechanisms to unlock women’s entrepreneurship and energy access This webinar was hosted on Thursday, April 27th, 2017 Women face different—and sometimes greater—challenges than their male counterparts in entrepreneurship and asset acquisition. At times, social and cultural barriers may impede women from becoming landowners or from other assets, which hinders opportunities to access […]

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of the 254 NBSAP reports submitted to CBD include
at least one women and/or gender reference.

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