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GECCO Energy Factsheet

GECCO Energy Factsheet

The Gender Equality for Climate Change Opportunities (GECCO) initiative is a fiveyear program launched by USAID and IUCN in 2014. GECCO’s overall goal is to leverage advancements in women’s empowerment and gender equality through, and for, the benefit of climate

About GECCO network of experts

In order to share existing knowledge on gender and renewable energy, GECCO has established a network of experts as well as an interactive electronic platform that encourages information exchange and showcases the latest available resources on gender and energy.

The GECCO network of experts brings together specialists in the area of gender, the environment and renewable energy, who are interested in advancing knowledge on gender implications of renewable energy policies and medium to large-scale projects. GECCO aims to create and link working group discussions with the generation of new knowledge products, the design and implementation of webinar series that will increase outreach and knowledge sharing on gender and renewable energy, and the creation of an electronic resource center where key and recent documents on gender and energy can be easily accessed.

Specific results the working groups will deliver include:

  • Governments producing LEDs and NAMAs have access to expertise, tools and examples for making LEDs and NAMAs gender responsive;
  • Large-scale energy infrastructure proponents have access to expertise, tools and examples for making infrastructure projects gender responsive;
  • The energy sector is tapping into women’s potential through increased participation in the workforce;
  • Gender responsiveness in the energy sector is being measured in a consistent and harmonized way;
  • Women’s access to affordable and appropriate clean energy is enhanced through gender responsive clean energy investments.

Our Team

Ana Rojas, Gender and Energy Task Manager, GECCO

Ana Rojas

Ana Victoria Rojas is the Gender and Energy Task Manager for the GGO's Gender Equality for Climate Change Opportunities (GECCO) programme. She is a sustainable development specialist with 15 years of experience working with policy makers, program practitioners, international organizations,

Jackelline Siles

Jackie Siles is a Senior Project Coordinator for the GGO, focusing on the nexus of gender and environment and development in the Mesoamerican, Andean Amazon and African regions.

Andrea Athanas

Andrea Athanas is a Technical Advisor for GGO’s Gender Equality for Climate Change Opportunities (GECCO).

Maria Prebble

Maria Prebble is a Project Officer for the GGO where she supports the Gender Equality for Climate Change Opportunities (GECCO) Energy portfolio where she conducts research, produces knowledge projects and supports activities under the GECCO network of experts.