women's participation

Rebuilding Nepal: Women’s Roles in Political Transition and Disaster Recovery

Following the 2015 earthquake and ten-year civil war, Nepali women played a crucial yet underappreciated role in relief efforts, and many continue to help the country as it moves into long-term recovery initiatives. This study by Georgetown’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security explore how gender-based discrimination and legal barriers amplified the adverse impacts of the conflict and the earthquake on women.

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Energizing Equality: sub-Saharan Africa’s integration of gender equality principles in national energy policies and frameworks

A 2017 International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Global Gender Office (GGO) analysis of 192 energy frameworks found that sub-Saharan Africa is the world’s regional leader in acknowledging gender considerations in national energy frameworks. To continue to understand the extent to which gender considerations are being integrated in national energy frameworks across SSA, IUCN GGO, in coordination with Power Africa, conducted an assessment of 45 energy frameworks from 29 different SSA countries.

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AGENT (GECCO) Energía Webinar: Fomentar la participación de las mujeres en el sector energético

El quinto webinar de la serie de GECCO Energía para Latinoamérica tiene como objetivo plantear cuál es la importancia de la participación de las mujeres en el sector energético y las dificultades que estas enfrentan, así cómo brindar ejemplos de la región latinoamericana los cuales muestren acciones realizads, por parte de empresas y organizaciones, para que las mujeres tengan la oportunidad de participar y aportar el sector.

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