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Gender, climate change and food security

In most parts of the world, women play a major role in agricultural production, a critical component of food security – women farmers bring to bear valuable knowledge in seed selection, vegetative propagation and the reproduction of plants and animals. A growing body of evidence in international development establishes that gender equality at the household and community levels leads to superior agricultural and development outcomes, including increases in farm productivity and improvements in family nutrition.

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Where are the women in the energy sector?

This case study will explore the training, distribution and support model employed by LivelyHoods, highlighting the accomplishments, challenges and lessons learned along the way. The goal is to provide evidence of the vital role of women in clean energy initiatives, allowing for the prioritization of their involvement across the household clean energy value chain.

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Gender Tool Kit: Energy Going Beyond the Meter

This resource contains key questions to be asked during gender analysis, examples of gender-inclusive design features and gender indicators, and a number of case studies of recent Asian Development Bank-financed projects.

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