Business Environment Reform and Gender

Gender-sensitive reform of the complex policy, legal, institutional, and regulatory conditions that govern business activities has the potential to positively impact women’s economic empowerment, support the fight against poverty and contribute to business and macro- economic performance. Yet to date there has been a lack of research providing insights into good practices and lessons learned in gender-sensitive Business Environment Reform (BER) and how BER can help women’s economic empowerment.

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The Way Forward: Accelerating Gender Equity in Coffee Value Chains

The emerging awareness of the role gender plays in coffee-producing communities and households and of the significant challenges faced by women presents an opportunity. This report identifies what is known about this opportunity and offers recommendations on how the industry can move into action while continuing to deepen understanding.

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Pocket Guide to Gender Equality Under the UNFCCC

The pocket guides are designed to provide negotiators with a brief history of the negotiations on the topic; a ready reference to the key decisions that have already been adopted; and a brief analysis of the outstanding issues from a developing country perspective. These Guides will be mainly web-based, and updated annually.

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