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The IUCN Global Gender Office is committed to furthering global gender equality and combatting climate change through gender-responsive adaptation, mitigation and resilience building solutions


Technical Expertise

GGO has vast experience in developing and implementing frameworks for gender guidance and analysis for a wide range of partner institutions, policies, programmes, and processes. The GGO team present at conferences, lead trainings and provide technical support for building capacity, strategy development, and implementation. Some of the innovative methodologies the GGO has developed include the Framework for Conducting Gender-Responsive Analysis and the Climate Change Gender Action Plan (ccGAP) methodology.

 Data and knowledge generation

GGO expands the knowledge base on gender and environment and continuously produces new research to advance sustainable development and conservation goals. The Environment and Gender Information (EGI) platform and the recent publication Roots for the Future: the Landscape and Way Forward on Gender and Climate Change are just a few examples of GGO’s commitment to building the understanding of these issues.

Training and capacity building

GGO has trained more than 15,000 policymakers, practitioners and advocates, at all levels and in every region of the world, on gender and environment issues to help foster and create extensive networks of partners committed to addressing gender gaps in sustainable development. The G-REEN Platform is one way GGO is bringing together practitioners to share information and best practices in order to make programming more efficient and collaborative.

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