GGO helps develop 19 gender equality and conservation products for the Amazon

GGO helps develop 19 gender equality and conservation products for the Amazon

The Initiative for Conservation in the Andean Amazon (ICAA) is a long-term regional program created by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which brings together and integrates the efforts of more than 30 partner organizations, both local and international, to strengthen conservation of the Amazon biome in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. From January to November 2014, GGO has been working on developing capacities on gender equality and conservation of 21 regional organizations in the Amazon.

As a result of this work, 19 new products have been created that respond to the needs of women and men in the context of conservation in the Andean Amazon region. These products provide concrete actions to mainstream gender into projects implemented by their respective organizations and to strength the gender institutionalization process within the organizations.


The new body of work includes:

Six institutional gender policies:

  1. The Gender Institutional Policy of the Peruvian Society of Environmental Right (Política Institucional de Género de la Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (SPDA)
  2. Gender Policy of the Partnership “Madre de Dios” (Política de Género del Consorcio Madre de Dios (CMDD)
  3. Incorporating the Gender Approach in Pro-Naturaleza (Incorporando el enfoque de Género en Pro-Naturaleza/Pro Naturaleza)
  4. Institutional Management for Gender Equality for the Huarayo Association (Una gestión institucional con equidad de género para la Asociación HUARAYO)
  5. Gender Policy of the Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon Region (Política de género de la Organización de Pueblos Indígenas de la Amazonia Colombiana (COICA)
  6. Incorporating the Gender Perspective in the Regional Strategy on Climate Change (Incorporando el enfoque de género en la Estrategia Regional de Cambio Climático/University of Florida)

Three institutional products that will contribute to the process of gender mainstreaming in diverse areas:

  • Water governance
    • A diagnosis of water useage resources with a gender approach: Universidad Autónoma de Madre de Dios Autonomous University of Madre de Dios (UNAMDD)
    • A booklet for water source conservation with a gender approach to raise awareness of rural population centers of Madre de Dios: Special Project of Madre de Dios (PEMDD)
  • Food security
    • A study of non-conventional food-plants in three departments of the Colombian Amazon Region to support food sovereignty: Contributions from the gender approach/SINCHI Institute

Seven manuals/guidelines that contribute to gender mainstreaming:

  1. Methodological Guidelines for Participatory Gender-Sensitive Training in Conservation (Orientaciones metodológicas para la capacitación participativa con enfoque de género en iniciativas de conservación/ICAA) Initiative for Conservation in the Andean Amazon
  2. Internal Training Program for the Implementation of Gender Equality Approaches in Programs of CSF/CSF (Programa de capacitación interna para la implementación del enfoque de equidad género en los programas de CSF/CSF)
  3. Gender Training Guide, Validated in Rainforest Alliance Ecuador (Guía de capacitación en género, validada en RA Ecuador/RA- Ecuador)
  4. Guideline to Mainstream Gender into the Training Program of Community of Legal Operators/ International Resources Group (IRG) (Cartilla para transversalizar el enfoque de género en el programa de formación de operadores legales comunitarios/IRG)
  5. Plans of Good Living. A Methodological Proposal with Tools including a Gender Approach/Instituto del Bien Común (IBC) (Planes del buen vivir. Una propuesta metodológica con herramientas que incluyen enfoque de género/ IBC)
  6. A Paralegal Community Training Program with a Gender Approach in Ecuador/ECOLEX (Programa de formación de Paralegales Comunitarios con enfoque de género en Ecuador/ECOLEX)
  7. Development of a Curriculum on Gender Approaches and Conservation of Biological and Cultural Diversity /Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Desarrollo de un plan curricular en enfoque de género y conservación de la diversidad biológica y cultural, que pueda ser ofrecido a futuro en la modalidad de diplomado, por la oficina de Educación Continua/Pontificia Universidad Javeriana)

Three gender-oriented monitoring and evaluation systems:

  1. Evaluation System and Measuring Impacts of Conservation and Development Projects for Men and Women. Association for Research and Integral Development /Asociación para la investigación y Desarrollo Integral (AIDER).
  2. Incorporation of a Gender Approach in the Institutional Monitoring System of a Sustainable Development Area. CARE-Peru (Incorporación del enfoque de género en el sistema de monitoreo institucional del área de desarrollo sostenible/CARE-Perú)
  3. Mainstreaming the Gender Equity Approach and Multiculturalism in the formats used in the Evaluation and Monitoring of Projects. Fondo de las Américas (FONDAM )(Transversalizando el enfoque de equidad de género e interculturalidad en los formatos utilizados en el proceso de evaluación y monitoreo de los proyectos/FONDAM)

Through this program, GGO has contributed to creating a critical mass of people who have developed their capacity to mainstream gender into project cycle activities, to gather gender-sensitive information, and to use gender methodological analysis tools to improve understanding of the social complexities in areas of work and project implementation, and to increase their organization’s capacity to institutionalize and monitor gender internally. The program has also contributed to strengthening ICAA’s efforts to mainstream gender into their work and theirs partner organizations, as well as to respond to and include the needs of women and men in the context of the conservation of the Andean Amazon region.