Examples of innovative women’s mitigation activities in IUCN ccGAPs: Cuba

In the Cuba Climate Change Gender Action Plan (ccGAP) report, some of the many innovative ideas on how to mobilise women’s activities and engagement towards mitigation results include:


Fostering productivity, efficiency and food security at the community level by scaling up women’s best practice seed banks.
Promoting the development of human capital in the area of gender and energy through the creation of short-term scholarships and increasing women’s participation in specific energy fora and defining a carbon tax with the Ministry of Finance.
Identifying women leaders in the different territories to form a women’s forestry network.
 Promoting construction projects that encourage the collection of rainwater to alleviate water collecting roles women typically fill, increasing women water quality monitors and prioritising the granting of international scholarships on the subject of water and climate change for women researchers.


Click to access the full Cuba ccGAP (in Spanish).For more information on our ccGAP methodology, please click to read our publication The Art of Implementation: Gender strategies transforming national and regional climate change decision making.

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