How We Work

Supporting IUCN Offices & Programmes

The GGO plays an important role in reviewing, advising, drafting and otherwise supporting IUCN offices’ and programmes’ work to ensure a gender perspective is integrated into every programme Union-wide.


Strengthening Women’s Organizations & Networks

The GGO champions the participation, ideas, needs and expertise of women and women’s organizations in development and implementation of initiatives for more effective and equitable results.


Building Government Capacity on Gender

The GGO serves government agencies and ministries by offering technical guidance on policy development and conducting capacity building activities to strengthen agencies’ efforts on and understanding of gender and environment themes.  


Supporting the United Nations & International Development Agencies

The GGO has played a formative role in creating and revising gender strategies; providing tailored capacity building support; and facilitating gender plans of action for United Nations agencies and Secretariats and other international development agencies.


Fostering Multi-Stakeholder Alliances

A key aspect of the GGO’s work is the creation of and participation in a wide range of multi-stakeholder alliances, networks, and working groups.


Engaging with Institutions


The GGO collaborates with academic institutions on expanding the knowledge base of gender and environmental issues and inspires the leadership and involvement of students on these issues.

Philanthropic Institutions

The GGO inspires strategic focus on gender across philanthropic landscapes, ensuring that conservation and development resources are responsive to those who need them most.