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The violence of inequality: Gender-based violence and environment linkages presents evidence from around the world, showing that violence is regularly used to exert or reinforce control over natural resources. This report provides the knowledge base that underpins this center. The research inspired the creation of this Center, a place to gather evidence, share learning and motivate and support action.


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La violencia de género y los vínculos con el medio ambiente Durante el COVID-19: Nota informativa

La violencia de género está generalizada en todo el mundo, en todas las sociedades, contextos y sectores. El estrés socioeconómicas de la pandemia del COVID-19 y las restricciones de movimiento han aumentado considerablemente los riesgos de violencia de género, en particular la violencia doméstica. Esta Nota Informativa ha sido preparada por el Programa Mundial de Gobernanza y Derechos de la UICN.


Web stories

The violence of inequality garnered coverage from more than 60 news articles in the first week of the report’s launch. This research and its coverage has inspired investments and actions, creating change every day.

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