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Gender-Based Violence and Environment Linkages Center

(GBV-ENV Center)

Webinar and Conversation Series​.


Building knowledge and community to identify and address gender-based violence and environment linkages​

About the webinar series

The GBV-Environment Linkages webinar series presents research and key findings from the IUCN-USAID study, features partners’ and peers’ interventions across sectors, and spotlights promising practice to inform conservation and sustainable development policy, programming and practice. Each webinar aims to:

Reviewing key findings from the two-year AGENT research process that culminated in its 2020 publication on The Violence of Inequality, each webinar session explores focused issues, topics and experiences. A space for sharing knowledge and approaches among diverse conservation and sustainable development actors, speakers and participants alike form a crucial part of a GBV-ENV community of practice. The webinar series is structured in three complementary blocks:

  • Introductory webinars in English and Spanish
  • Thematic webinars focused on urgent issues
  • Spotlight conversations with practitioners working to address GBV in environment projects and contexts
  • Build awareness of GBV and its relevance to environment-related work and goals
  • Review GBV-environment linkages as evidenced by sector-specific research and experience
  • Offer mini-case studies of specific contexts
  • Highlight promising practice, including drawing lessons from non-environment sectors

    Planned webinars and conversations

    Check back regularly for updates!

    Addressing partnerships and collaborations

    A spotlight conversation session with a project working on biodiversity and climate change adaptation and the expert partner they collaborated with to address GBV risks and challenges.

    The links between child marriage and climate change

    Around the globe, child marriage is seen to be used as a coping mechanism during climate-related stressors and environmental degradation. Experts will present views and take questions from webinar participants.

    Integrating action to address GBV as a core approach

    This spotlight conversation will feature experiences from a partnership between an international finance institution, a local organization addressing GBV and its collaboration with a large-scale commodity.

    Indigenous women defenders of the environment and GBV

    This webinar will feature indigenous leaders and practitioners to raise awareness on the GBV risks faced by indigenous women in their defense of lands, territories and resources.

    More about AGENT’s webinars

    Building awareness and capacities across sectors,
    one session at a time.

    AGENT leverages a wide network of international stakeholders, including IUCN state and non-state members and USAID’s expansive network of technical experts and partners, providing access to strategic cross- sectoral audiences. For example, the AGENT Webinar Series targets environmental sectors, such as energy and sustainable development sectors, to enable knowledge sharing with diverse stakeholders while presenting USAID best-practice examples. Through 40+ webinars, AGENT has reached over 6,400 participants.

    Past webinars


    Has the work of this platform inspired your own research, procurement, policy or project? We’d like to hear from you on how you are using our tools to help tailor future work.

    Or, if you have questions on technical support to integrate gender-based violence programming into field projects and environmental policies and practices, let us know!

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