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Frequently Asked Questions

Gender Based-Violence and Environment Linkages – Key Issues and Strategies for Change

Frequently asked questions.

On 04 June, 2020, IUCN, USAID, and other partners presented key findings on gender-based violence and environment linkages (see the webinar recording and related materials here). Over 600 people registered for the webinar, answering and asking questions about the nexus, while over 300 participants from major environmental organizations, environmental policy spheres, academia, media, and other sustainable development partners (from humanitarian to gender-based violence programming organizations) attended and also asked diverse questions. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document is designed to respond to the majority of questions asked. These questions and responses are organized under five major themes that were identified by participants: 

  • Knowledge on GBV and environment linkages; 
  • Technical support; 
  • Cross-sector collaboration; 
  • Inclusivity; and 
  • International and National Policy.

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