This webinar announces four new grantees from USAID’s Resilient, Inclusive, Sustainable Environments (RISE) Challenge who will work to address gender-based violence (GBV) in forestry and wildlife conservation sectors. Advancing Gender in the Environment (AGENT), a partnership between USAID and IUCN, hosted this webinar event on International Human Rights Day to reflect on the end of this year’s 16 Days Campaign to End Violence Against Women Campaign, as well as welcome these four new grantees. The grantees from Guatemala, Kenya, Peru, and Vietnam shed light on the challenges and strategies to address GBV in forestry and wildlife conservation sectors. IUCN also shares new programming and project planning tools to inform and support further action to address GBV in environmental programming.

Full remarks from Mrinalini Rai, Women4Biodiversity and CBD Women’s Caucus are available here.

The recording above reflects the original languages and voices from this event in English and Spanish. Please see other videos below for a recording of this video in English, French, and Spanish.

The recording in English

The recording in Spanish

The recording in French


About RISE

Responding to GBV can provide opportunities for both enhanced environmental action and women’s empowerment, but tackling one issue without addressing the other is unlikely to succeed. USAID’s RISE Challenge aims to identify and implement interventions to reduce GBV in environmental programming. This challenge aims to fund organizations to innovatively adapt and implement promising or proven practices that have been used to effectively prevent and respond to GBV in other sectors to environmental programming. The challenge will draw insights from other development and humanitarian sectors that have proven or promising practices to address GBV. RISE incentivizes partnerships between environmental organizations, local communities, indigenous peoples organizations, and gender and GBV experts who can help bridge knowledge gaps and work to build an evidence base of effective GBV interventions.
Visit RISE for more information on the challenge and grantees!


Advancing Gender in the Environment (AGENT) is a ten-year partnership between IUCN and USAID with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of environment programming through the robust integration of gender considerations, improving gender equality and women’s empowerment outcomes in a broad range of environmental sectors.

AGENT provides an array of support for national, regional and global environmental activities to advance women’s empowerment and gender equality. AGENT’s support is designed to complement existing or emerging USAID environmental efforts. Also a buy-in mechanism, AGENT broadens the reach of technical support, builds evidence for gender integration throughout environmental sectors, fills critical information gaps, and develops targeted resources and tools that can be directly applied in Agency programs, training, and communications