AGENT Webinar Series: Gender-Based Violence and Environmental Linkages

AGENT Webinar Series: Gender-Based Violence and Environmental Linkages

Gender-based violence (GBV) is pervasive across sectors, countries, and communities. An expression of gender inequality and a means for keeping it intact, GBV impedes progress toward gender equality and social inclusion, restricts economic empowerment and resilience, and undermines health and well-being, among others; it also acts as a barrier to meeting conservation and sustainable development goals. As part of its 10-year collaboration with USAID called AGENT – Advancing Gender in the Environment, IUCN published an expansive study in January 2020, bringing together evidence and analysis from across environment-related sectors and contexts, in effort to better understand GBV-environment linkages. One of the most crucial findings of this research was the gap in cross-sector knowledge on these issues. This webinar series aims to strengthen information-sharing across contexts toward meeting interlinked goals.

Goal of the webinar series

Environmental and gender equality policymakers and practitioners will build knowledge toward meeting national, project, and sustainable development goals.

Structure of webinars

The GBV-Environment Linkages webinar series will present research and key findings from the IUCN-USAID study, feature partners’ and peers’ interventions across sectors, and spotlight promising practice to inform conservation and sustainable development policy, programming, and practice. Each webinar aims to:

  • Build awareness of GBV and its relevance to environment-related work and goals
  • Review GBV-environment linkages as evidenced by sector-specific research and experience
  • Offer mini-case studies of specific contexts
  • Highlight promising practice, including drawing lessons from non-environment sectors

Indicative schedule

This webinar series is hosted by IUCN, together with USAID, as part of AGENT. Additional partners will be confirmed, and expressions of interest to present relevant work are welcome. Please contact us here.

  • Gender-Based Violence and Environment Linkages – The Violence of Inequality: An introductory overview of GBV related to natural resource access and control.
  • Gender-Based Violence and A Changing Climate: Climate change, disasters, and migration.
  • Gender-Based Violence and Food Security & Agriculture: Small-scale agriculture and natural resource access and control.
  • Gender-Based Violence and Women Environmental Human Rights Defenders: Understanding and addressing the specific situation of Women Environmental Human Rights Defenders
  • Gender-Based Violence and Protected Areas: Protected area management and governance.
  • Gender-Based Violence in Environmental Crime and Large-scale Extractives: Illegal logging, fishing, and mining, as well as lessons from extractive industries.
  • Gender-Based Violence in Environment Safeguards and Standards: Understanding and addressing GBV.
  • Gender-based Violence and Environment Projects: Understanding and integrating GBV throughout the project cycle.
  • And more…


To partner with us in steering a community of practice on gender-based violence and environmental linkages, email via the button below for more information.

More about the AGENT webinar series

AGENT leverages a wide network of international stakeholders, including IUCN state and non-state members, providing access to strategic cross-sectoral audiences. For example, the AGENT Webinar Series targets environmental sectors, such as energy and sustainable development sectors, to enable knowledge sharing with diverse stakeholders while presenting USAID best-practice examples. In 2018 alone, the AGENT Webinar Series reached over 1,600 participants.

Advancing Gender in the Environment (AGENT) aims to increase the effectiveness of environment programming through robust gender integration and improve gender equality and women’s empowerment outcomes in a broad range of environmental sectors. Recognizing women as agents of change, and the value of diverse knowledge, experiences and capacities of women and men alike, AGENT envisions a world that approaches environmental work at all levels with gender-responsive policy and action. Understanding GBV-environment linkages is a priority of AGENT knowledge generation and dissemination. Building knowledge, tailored tools, and cross-sector collaborations to address these linkages comprises a next-step focus.