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Case Studies

Guatemala stakeholder consultation: Alliance strategic business plan & global priorities.

This presentation covers the problem, vision, mission, and goal of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Every day, 3 billion people rely on solid fuels to power their rudimentary stoves, leading to 4 million deaths annually, wasted productivity, and environmental...

Guatemala cookstoves and fuels market assessment: Intervention options.

This presentation provides an overview of the Guatemala market for clean cookstoves and fuels presented by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Country assessments help the Alliance enhance sector market knowledge and develop a strategy and approach to country-level interventions. ...

Guía sobre género y energía para capacitadoras(es) y gestoras(es) de política pública y proyectos

The “Guía sobre Género y Energía para Capacitadoras/es y Gestoras/es de Políticas Públicas y Proyectos” reflects the experience of organisations linked to gender and energy networks of Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and some government bodies in the energy sector in Nicaragua and Uruguay and the experience of specialists ENERGIA, the International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy, the Global Gender Office of IUCN, and OLADE.  This training guide offers useful...

Asociación para el Desarrollo Rijatzul Q’ij (Semilla de sol): Women's empowerment through access to electricity for communities of Guatemala

Under the program two indigenous women were trained as engineers at Solares Barefoot College in Tilonia, India, where training enables women to be solar engineers and authorized to perform maintenance and repairs on solar equipment. Solar engineer graduates currently do...

Projects and Policies

A critical look at gender and energy mainstreaming in Africa

This is a draft paper distributed at the 'gender perspectives in sustainable development' side event organized by UNDESA/DAW and WEDO at Prep Com III. The goal of this paper is to contextualize the gender and energy discourse and the

A Gender Perspective on Securing Livelihoods and Nutrition in Fish-Dependent Coastal Communities

This report examines the gender dynamics of fishing communities around the world and identifies opportunities where engaging women can improve conservation and management efforts. Based on surveys of 11 different sites, the report creates two regional profiles and outlines

Situation Analysis of Energy and Gender Issues in ECOWAS Member States 2015

The ECOWAS region is dynamic and fast growing with many human and natural resources to its advantage, but it is also facing many challenges related to population, infrastructure, social services, security, migration, economy and environment.