Environmental Issues and Themes: Health Impacts

Action against sexual and gender-based violence: An updated strategy

This strategy provides a structure to assist UNHCR operations in dealing with sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) on the basis of a multi-sectoral and interagency approach. Building on successful SGBV intervention models in various operations, it provides instructions for UNHCR operations to build their own multi-year, operation-specific SGBV strategies at country level.

Getting to gender equality in energy infrastructure. Lessons from electricity generation, transmission, and distribution projects

Study seeking to establish a foundation for considering gender in electricity generation, transmission, and distribution projects. The report focuses on the gendered impacts of such projects related to labor force participation and land use and on risk prevention and social sustainability, including addressing gender-based violence (GBV) and the promoting better health and educational outcomes.

La violencia de género y los vínculos con el medio ambiente Durante el COVID-19: Nota informativa

La violencia de género está generalizada en todo el mundo, en todas las sociedades, contextos y sectores. El estrés socioeconómicas de la pandemia del COVID-19 y las restricciones de movimiento han aumentado considerablemente los riesgos de violencia de género, en particular la violencia doméstica. Esta Nota Informativa ha sido preparada por el Programa Mundial de Gobernanza y Derechos de la UICN.

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