Environmental Sectors: Energy and Infrastructure

Advancing Gender in the Environment: Accelerating impact for equality and sustainability – A review of AGENT’s reach and results (October 2018-September 2019)

The work presented in this AGENT annual review for the 2019 Fiscal Year (October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019) demonstrates that investments in gender equality and women’s empowerment strengthen Bureau and Mission-level capacities to meet USAID’s objectives and mandates on gender equality, and compel wider stakeholder action.

Santa Cruz Barrillas

Web page reporting on human rights abuses against indigenous women and men environmental human rights defenders, who were protesting against the construction of a hydroelectric dam in the Cambalam River in Guatemala.

Acción contra la violencia sexual y de género: Una estrategia actualizada

Esta estrategia proporciona una estructura que ayuda a las operaciones del ACNUR a manejar la VSG basándose en un enfoque multisectorial e interinstitucional. Construida con base en exitosos modelos de intervención contra la VSG en varias operaciones, esta Acción contra la VSG proporciona instrucciones para que las operaciones del ACNUR construyan sus propias estrategias operativas específicas sobre VSG multianuales a nivel nacional.

Action contre la violence sexuelle et sexiste: Stratégie actualisée

Cette stratégie offre une structure permettant d’aider les opérations du HCR à intervenir en matière de SGBV en s’appuyant sur une approche multisectorielle et interinstitutions. S’inspirant de modèles d’intervention utilisés avec succès dans diverses opérations, cet ouvrage fournit des instructions aux opérations du HCR afin qu’elles mettent au point leur propre stratégie pluriannuelle de lutte contre la SGBV à l’échelle du pays.

Action against sexual and gender-based violence: An updated strategy

This strategy provides a structure to assist UNHCR operations in dealing with sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) on the basis of a multi-sectoral and interagency approach. Building on successful SGBV intervention models in various operations, it provides instructions for UNHCR operations to build their own multi-year, operation-specific SGBV strategies at country level.

Getting to gender equality in energy infrastructure. Lessons from electricity generation, transmission, and distribution projects

Study seeking to establish a foundation for considering gender in electricity generation, transmission, and distribution projects. The report focuses on the gendered impacts of such projects related to labor force participation and land use and on risk prevention and social sustainability, including addressing gender-based violence (GBV) and the promoting better health and educational outcomes.

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