Environmental Sectors: Energy Poverty, Access and Use

Gender-based violence and environment linkages during COVID-19: Information note, Second edition: November 2020

In April 2020, anticipating a rise in gender-based violence (GBV) in relation to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IUCN Global Programme on Governance and Rights prepared an information note to support awareness amongst conservation and sustainable development stakeholders about potential risks and to consider ways to anticipate and address them. Over the last few months, significant evidence has emerged in relation to these trends, as well as some promising practice and recommendations to inform future gender-responsive conservation and sustainable development efforts. This second-edition information note thus brings together the latest evidence, examples for action and recommendations for conservation and sustainable development decision-makers and practitioners.

Mainstreaming gender in environment statistics for the SDGs and beyond: Identifying priorities in Asia and the Pacific

This paper provides an overview of recent initiatives to measure the gender-environment nexus, identifies priorities and takes stock of related data and capacity gaps in the Asia-Pacific region. The paper puts forward a proposal for a Gender-Environment Indicator Set in Asia and the Pacific, which includes indicators from the global Sustainable Development Goals framework and beyond, capturing issues of particular relevance for the gender-environment nexus in the region.

Vínculos entre la Violencia de Género y el Medio Ambiente: La violencia de la desigualdad

Producida por la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (UICN) con la Agencia de los Estados Unidos para el Desarrollo Internacional (USAID) en el marco de la iniciativa Avance de las Dimensiones de Género en el Medio Ambiente (AGENT) este estudio presenta los hallazgos sobre los vínculos entre la violencia de género y el medio ambiente para apoyar acciones fortalecidas en los sectores ambientales y de desarrollo sostenible.

Acción contra la violencia sexual y de género: Una estrategia actualizada

Esta estrategia proporciona una estructura que ayuda a las operaciones del ACNUR a manejar la VSG basándose en un enfoque multisectorial e interinstitucional. Construida con base en exitosos modelos de intervención contra la VSG en varias operaciones, esta Acción contra la VSG proporciona instrucciones para que las operaciones del ACNUR construyan sus propias estrategias operativas específicas sobre VSG multianuales a nivel nacional.

Action contre la violence sexuelle et sexiste: Stratégie actualisée

Cette stratégie offre une structure permettant d’aider les opérations du HCR à intervenir en matière de SGBV en s’appuyant sur une approche multisectorielle et interinstitutions. S’inspirant de modèles d’intervention utilisés avec succès dans diverses opérations, cet ouvrage fournit des instructions aux opérations du HCR afin qu’elles mettent au point leur propre stratégie pluriannuelle de lutte contre la SGBV à l’échelle du pays.

Action against sexual and gender-based violence: An updated strategy

This strategy provides a structure to assist UNHCR operations in dealing with sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) on the basis of a multi-sectoral and interagency approach. Building on successful SGBV intervention models in various operations, it provides instructions for UNHCR operations to build their own multi-year, operation-specific SGBV strategies at country level.

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