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IUCN works with USAID and other partners to develop and promote targeted tools and strategies to address gender-based violence (GBV) and environment linkages. Subscribe for updates here, and share your news with us!

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The violence of inequality garnered coverage from more than 60 news articles in the first week of the report’s launch. Since then, this research and its coverage has inspired investments, investigations and actions, creating change every day. 

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How climate change and gender-based violence are connected

As donors begin to explore the links between environmental issues and GBV, “we can’t close our eyes” to the issue anymore. Experts say it’s time to tackle this endemic problem. See this Devex article on the GBV-ENV Center and RISE, including a deeper look at RISE grantee Conservation International and Promsex’s work in Peru.

Plans to Prevent Future Pandemics Must Consider Gender Issues, too

Article on the need for gender-responsive environmental programming post-pandemic based on findings from IUCN publication on GBV and environment linkages. The author highlights the role of women in conservation, particularly in the Global South, and calls for the need to address GBV in the conservation field.


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The violence of inequality has not only been widely reported, but increased attention to gender-based violence and environment linkages continues to grow. Explore coverage on our study and related topics here:

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