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Gender equality and women's empowerment are powerful levers of change.

IUCN works with USAID and other partners to develop and promote targeted tools and strategies. As a membership Union composed of both governments and civil society organizations, IUCN provides public, private, and non-governmental organizations with knowledge and tools that enable human progress, economic development, and nature conservation to take place together. IUCN harnesses the experience, resources, and reach of its 1,400 Member organizations and the input of over 15,000 experts through commissions. Leveraging this expansive base, AGENT works actively to promote USAID and IUCN developed thought leadership by advancing knowledge, advocacy, and capacity building at all levels.

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AGENT Webinar: Gender-Based Violence and Environment Linkages – Stories and strategies for change, a spotlight conversation with the Hariyo Ban Program

In Nepal many rural women are very dependent on natural resources such as firewood, fodder, water and traditional medicines, but they are often excluded from decision-making about their forests, and sometimes have difficulty accessing the resources they need. As part of its GESI work the Hariyo Ban Program realized it needed to tackle gender-based violence in order for women to participate more fully and safely in community forest management and sharing of forest benefits.

AGENT resources span environment sectors, filling critical information gaps on gender and environment issues; making the case for gender integration in environmental policy and programming; and providing tailored technical support around the world to advance a sustainable future for all.

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