The Energy Toolkit – Leading Instruments & Methodologies for Sustainable Energy Planning

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The LEDS Energy Toolkit is a collection of leading instruments and methodologies for sustainable energy planning. While not a complete encyclopedia of all available tools, the Toolkit aims to provide energy practitioners, policymakers, and experts a quick reference guide to some of the best established energy planning instruments that are available at no or low cost. The result is a compilation of 26 tools from agencies around the world. This webinar will present an overview of the newly updated, second publication of the toolkit and feature several leading tools. These tools will include the NREL Jobs and Economic Development Impact Model (JEDI) and the Natural Resources Canada RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software.


Alexander Ochs, Director of Climate and Energy, Worldwatch Institute, Chair of the LEDS EWG and co-editor of the Energy Toolkit

Francisco Flores, Energy Analyst, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Kevin Bourque, Project Engineer, Natural Resources Canada

About the LEDS EWG

The LEDS EWG is a demand-driven network comprised of more than 500 energy sector practitioners representing national governments, multilateral institutions, private practitioners, and non-governmental organizations. The Group supports the strategic deployment of innovative and climate compatible development strategies in the energy sector. The Group facilitates learning and information exchange, shares best practices, offers advisory services, and provides enhanced opportunities for collaboration on low emission strategy building and specific implementation activities.

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