Evaluating SDGs with an Equity-Focused and Gender Responsive Lens

For additional information and registration, please visit the EvalGender+ event page.

High-Level event: Tuesday, 15 March, 3-5pm followed by reception

Technical event: 16-17 March

From the event page:

“In the last decade, the global evaluation community has been developing evaluation approaches that are equity-focused and gender-responsive. With the SDG calling for “leaving no one behind”, a new opportunity (and challenge) is raising to strengthen even further national evaluation capacities to evaluate localized SDGs and national development policies/strategies with an equity-focused and gender-responsive lens.

In this context, this event seeks to start a multi-stakeholders dialogue to develop an evaluation framework that will facilitate the above-mentioned national evaluation capacity processes. The event is composed of two parts:

  • a High-Level Event to engage delegates from member states, international organizations and CSOs in a global discussion to identify strategies for building an enabling environment to evaluate the SDGs with equity-focused and gender-responsive lens;
  • a Technical event to  start the process of establishing a common framework to evaluation SDGs with equity-focused and gender-responsive lens. It will include sessions looking at the relevance of the new metrics and agreed indicators; understanding the complexity of SDGs and the power of partnerships; discussing strategies to strengthen gender responsiveness of national Evaluation systems, as well as the demand for and use of evaluation with an equity-focused and gender-responsive lens in policy making.”