Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves’ Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award

A new initiative we are launching to recognize the influential role that woman-led businesses play in the clean and efficient cookstoves and fuels sector. The Alliance has long recognized the role that women play in the adoption and use of household cooking solutions, as well as women’s role in catalyzing the market as clean energy entrepreneurs. We believe that gender-informed business models and approaches should be supported and scaled to increase adoption and scale gender equality and women’s empowerment.

We are now accepting Nominations through November 13, 2016. We encourage you to nominate a woman who has demonstrated leadership and impact in the household energy sector, and who has worked to advance clean cooking solutions in emerging markets. We also welcome eligible individuals to self-nominate.

For more information on the requirements and selection criteria, please visit the announcement on our website where you can download the application form (also attached here):

Nominations should be submitted to