IRENA – Solar Resource Assessment for Policy Makers

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From the event page:

“This workshop is organized by DLR (one of the Global Atlas partners) and hosted by IRENA. The one-day training programme opens with a high-level discussion on resource assessment that includes: an introduction and assessment of expectations from participants, a session on how to access information from solar resource portals, and hands-on trials for participants using the Solar-Med-Atlas and IRENA’s Global Atlas for Renewable Energy. It will be followed by the training session on how to analyze the data in a GIS system and a discussion on the requirements for a successful resource assessment campaign.

With this training, IRENA seeks to offer members of delegations an introduction to the capabilities of such tools and how they may be used to improve the design of policies for solar energy. The event is organised jointly with the SolarMedAtlas – Solar Atlas for the Mediterranean. Delegates are encouraged to bring their own laptop in order to participate in the hands-on exercises.

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