SEA4All – Workshop on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

For additional information, please visit the SEA4All website.

From the event page:

“The workshop will stimulate dialogue on the centrality of the energy agenda and its cross-sectoral implications, and explore opportunities for concrete actions to operationalize the water-energy-food nexus. It will focus on the following key issues:

  • SDGs and the water-energy-food nexus concept  –  a crucial policy and governance approach for integrated planning and implementation
  • Operationalizing the concept into national development strategies – opportunities and challenges for inter-sector collaboration and governance;
  • Mobilizing resources for technical assistance and advisory services to facilitate inter-sector co-ordination and governance;
  • TAPSIC – an opportunity to consolidate the SE4All nexus HIO partnership

The event is structured around interactive discussions, with the possibility to engage partners on exploring ways of scaling up nexus actions to achieve desired outcomes. The workshop will bring together experts from international development agencies, international organizations, government representatives and the international partners of the SE4All High Impact Opportunity on the water-energy-food nexus.”