[Webinar] Addressing Fuel-Specific Challenges – Tools, Methodologies, and Capacity Building for Enterprises

This webinar, which is part of a series that features resources, innovations, and lessons focused related to fuels, will highlight the results of capacity building consultancies provided by the Alliance and ENEA Consulting to three fuel enterprises: an ethanol enterprise in Kenya; a pellet enterprise in Rwanda; and a fuel cookie enterprise that is expanding from Bhutan into India. Each enterprise was at a different stage in their business model development and each capacity building plan was tailored to their specific stage, challenges, and needs.

Other cookstove and fuel companies are currently facing or will face the same challenges as the featured companies. To this end, the Alliance and ENEA designed a “handbook” to help fuel companies address challenges, focusing on four themes: market and demand; sustainability of supply; logistics and industrial issues; and environmental impacts across the supply chain. The guide presents the context of each of the three companies and showcases the tools and methodologies used to provide analysis and recommendations to each. The guide also incorporates data, methodologies, and insights from previous Alliance fuel grantee consultancies. This webinar will feature the handbook results and will walk participants through ways to leverage the tools (supply curves, market replication tools, factory location algorithm, etc.) and experiences of these companies to strengthen their own fuel-focused business models.

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