Webinar: Going off the grid: Disaster, resilience, and off-grid energy

When disaster strikes, a community’s ability to respond and recover is tested, whether it is affected by a flood, an earthquake, a drought, a tsunami, or a hurricane, and whether it is located in a rural, urban, or peri-urban area.

In this webinar, we’ll bring together experts who have worked in Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Caribbean to discuss disaster and resilience, including how these issues relate to off-grid energy and energy access, agricultural communities, and “smart villages” that are better able to respond to disasters.


Bernie Jones, Project Co-Leader, Smart Villages Initiative
Long Seng To, Research Fellow, University College London
Tariq Zaman, Lecturer and Research Fellow, UNIMAS
Shorna Allred, Associate Professor and Associate Director, Cornell University

Ahead of this workshop, you may be interested to read the report and policy brief that Smart Villages and the Asia Research Institute published on these issues.

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