[Webinar] Winrock/US EPA Stove Use Monitoring Studies in Guatemala, Vietnam, and Malawi

This webinar will provide a comprehensive understanding of patterns of adoption and use of cleaner and more efficient cooking interventions by Winrock and US EPA’s work with Berkeley Air Monitoring Group as well as partners in Guatemala, Vietnam, and Malawi. This webinar will cover the monitoring tools used in adoption studies (including SUMs analysis software); the findings of each study; and the challenges and lessons learned along the way. We will also share recommendations for implementers interested in undertaking similar studies presented in collaboration with Berkeley Air Monitoring Group, StoveTeam International, SNV Vietnam, and MAEVE.

The Speakers on the Webinar will include: Ms. Charity Garland, the Project Manager/Data Specialist at Berkeley Air Monitoring Group; Ms. Katie Gross, an implemental leader in Winrock cookstove activities for the past eight years; Ms. Katie Laughlin, the Executive Director of Stove Team International; and Mr. Daniel Salinas, a Chemical Engineer with a Minor in Environmental Engineering.

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