Examples of innovative women’s mitigation activities in IUCN ccGAPs: Egypt

In the Egypt Climate Change Gender Action Plan (ccGAP) report, some of the many innovative ideas on how to mobilise women’s activities and engagement towards mitigation results include:

Reducing emissions and expanding livelihoods by creating women-managed water taxi networks on the Nile River.
Support projects with a direct benefit for women, both in urban and rural areas, such as biogas units, recycling products, and composting.
Raising awareness amongst women about the benefits of planting drought resistant and salt tolerant trees and crops.
Training women in new job opportunities presented by ecotourism.


Click to access the full Egypt ccGAP.Click to access a factsheet providing a summary overview of the Egypt ccGAP.For more information on our ccGAP methodology, please click to read our publication The Art of Implementation: Gender strategies transforming national and regional climate change decision making.

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