Examples of innovative women’s mitigation activities in IUCN ccGAPs: Mozambique

The Mozambique Climate Change Gender Action Plan (ccGAP) report was the catalyst for the inclusion of gender equality measures in the development of the country’s Strategic Program for Climate Resilience under the Climate Investment Funds.

Some of the many innovative ideas on how to mobilise women’s activities and engagement towards mitigation results from the Mozambique ccGAP include:

Producing Climate Change Health Kits that identify plants by region that have a positive impact for vectors, water quality, and other associated climate health risks, and disseminate to pharmacies.
Train local women in the collection of meteorological data and provide appropriate tools for accurate data collection.
Train women on alternative income generation and encourage the use of low carbon technologies to improve women’s income
Raise awareness about more efficient processing of products to improve women’s management of natural resources in coastal marine sectors.


Click to access the full Mozambique ccGAP.Click to access a factsheet providing a summary overview of the Egypt ccGAP.For more information on our ccGAP methodology, please click to read our publication The Art of Implementation: Gender strategies transforming national and regional climate change decision making.

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