Foundational Elements for Gender-Based Violence Programming in Development

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The Foundational Elements are a set of guidance tools that provides accessible grounding in evidence-informed approaches for reducing gender-based violence (GBV). Developed by USAID Collective Action to Reduce Gender-Based Violence (CARE-GBV) activity, these tools provide the most salient information to date, with links to existing policies, requirements, and materials for further reading. The Foundational Elements can be useful to build understanding and capacity of environmental practitioners that are trying to address GBV through environmental programming. The Foundational Elements is composed of the following tools:

Overview. This tool presents the purpose, audience and content of the Foundational Elements. (عربى) (Français) (Español)

1. Introduction. This tool describes the foundational concepts about GBV, its relevance for development programming, and how to integrate it throughout the USAID program cycle. (عربى) (Français) (Español)

2. Core Principles. This tool introduces the eight core principles grounded in evidence and practice-based knowledge that should guide GBV program design and implementation and that are integrated throughout the Foundational Elements guidance. (عربى) (Français) (Español)

3. Program Elements. Consist of four guidance tools for USAID staff to support implementation of GBV activities in the following areas. (عربى) (Français) (Español)

3.1 Programme Element: Prevention (عربى) (Français) (Español)

3.2 Programme Element: Risk Mitigation (عربى) (Français) (Español)

3.3 Programme Element: Response (عربى) (Français) (Español)

3.4 Programme Element: Enabling Environment (عربى) (Français) (Español)

Additionally, the Program Elements also include 12 sector-specific guidance tools on why and how to integrate GBV into those sectors:

5. Process Elements. This tool describes how USAID and implementing organizations can ensure that internal organizational structure and processes are contributing to ending GBV. It includes program examples of how various institutions have embedded core values and anti-GBV actions in their day-to-day operations. (عربى) (Français) (Español)

Glossary. This tool includes definitions of types of GBV and other relevant key terms. (عربى) (Français) (Español)

The Foundational Elements are also complemented with a series of How to Notes on:

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