Environmental Issues and Themes: Health Impacts

الحد من المخاطر، تعزيز المرونة ودعم التعافي االجتماعي في العمل اإلنساني العنف المبني على النوع إرشادات دمج تدخالت مواجهة

تمت مراجعة المبادئ التوجيهية واختبارها ميدانيًا باستخدام أدوات للتنسيق والتخطيط والتنفيذ والمراقبة وتقييم الإجراءات الأساسية لمنع وتخفيف العنف القائم على نوع الجنس في الاستجابة الإنسانية. يعتبر هذا الدليل التوجيهي لوضع المعايير مرجعاً هاماً عبر القطاعات.

Gender and climate change in the United States: Reading of existing research

Report that reviews existing literature on the effects of climate change in the United States with a gender lens, highlighting how gender shapes experiences of climate change. The report explores the gender dimensions of the health impacts of climate change, including increased GBV, the effects of natural disasters, the employment in climate-affected sectors, the perceptions, attitudes, knowledge and behaviours regarding climate change and the environment and the gaps in literature.

Research, action and policy: Addressing the gendered impacts of climate change

Book on gender and climate change research and action. Divided in five parts, it discusses the gendered impacts of climate change, gender justice, gender mainstreaming within climate policy, gendered climate change actions and gender and climate change research. It presents voices of women from every continent and from different climate events and challenges. Linkages between gender-based violence (GBV) and climate change are identified in some of the chapters.

Our voices, our environment: The state of funding for women’s environmental action

This report represents the first-ever benchmarking of philanthropic funding in support of women and the environment. It offers insights about the funding landscape, highlights lessons learned and funding strategies from peer grantmakers already active at this nexus, provides entry points for funders engaged in funding specific environmental issues, and offers funding opportunities and guidance from women advocates.

Acción contra la violencia sexual y de género: Una estrategia actualizada

Esta estrategia proporciona una estructura que ayuda a las operaciones del ACNUR a manejar la VSG basándose en un enfoque multisectorial e interinstitucional. Construida con base en exitosos modelos de intervención contra la VSG en varias operaciones, esta Acción contra la VSG proporciona instrucciones para que las operaciones del ACNUR construyan sus propias estrategias operativas específicas sobre VSG multianuales a nivel nacional.

Action contre la violence sexuelle et sexiste: Stratégie actualisée

Cette stratégie offre une structure permettant d’aider les opérations du HCR à intervenir en matière de SGBV en s’appuyant sur une approche multisectorielle et interinstitutions. S’inspirant de modèles d’intervention utilisés avec succès dans diverses opérations, cet ouvrage fournit des instructions aux opérations du HCR afin qu’elles mettent au point leur propre stratégie pluriannuelle de lutte contre la SGBV à l’échelle du pays.

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