Gender Considerations and Approaches: Gender Action Plans and Planning

A future detoxified

Ensuring gender considerations in the management of hazardous chemicals and wastes through the Gender Action Plan of the Secretariat of the BRS Conventions In Nigeria, Stella Mojekwu pauses with worry when she sees a seemingly commonplace view: women applying lotions, deep frying foods to eat, and handling other oil-based products. As the Chief Environmental Scientist …

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Planting roots for a sustainable and equitable future

26 April 2017 In Malawi, when asked what trees should be planted as a part of forest landscape restoration (FLR) projects, local stakeholders—predominantly male—suggested trees that provide timber, charcoal, and furniture-making materials commonly used only to provide sources of income. However, in these communities, planting trees and restoring the landscape provides opportunities and benefits for …

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Shared Resources, Joint Solutions (SRJS): Gender Training Workshop for Uganda partners

15 March 2017 Shared Resources, Joint Solutions (SRJS) is an expansive program that engages 16 countries and focuses on increasing food and water security and climate resilience. IUCN GGO, in its capacity as a technical adviser, in collaboration with the IUCN Uganda Country Office, is providing support to SRJS partners in Uganda to develop and …

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Plan de Acción en Género y Cambio Climático del Perú (PAGCC-Perú)

En diciembre de 2014, en el marco de la realización de la Vigésima Conferencia de las Partes de la Convención Marco de la Naciones Unidas sobre Cambio Climático (CMNUCC) y la Décima Reunión de las Partes del Protocolo de Kioto (COP20/CMP10), se adoptó una decisión sobre el Plan de Trabajo de Lima sobre Género, que compromete a las partes de la CMNUCC a promover la equidad de género y lograr políticas sensibles al género que incluyan la participación efectiva de las mujeres en los órganos establecidos bajo la Convención.

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