Gender Makes the Difference: Medicinal Plants

Women’s ethnobotanical knowledge and medicinal knowledge are often unexplored and undervalued. Only when the knowledge and contributions made by women are clearly ackowledged and valued will it be possible to promote effective patricipation of women in decision-making processes regarding the conservation and distribution of medicinal plants at the local and international levels.

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Gender Makes the Difference: HIV/AIDS and environment

This factsheet explains the relationships between HIV/AIDS, environmental issues, and gender equity. HIV/AIDS is having ever-increasing impacts on biodiversity conservation and natural resources by reducing human capacity for conservation and resource management. Strong gender linkages accelerate the vicious cycle of HIV/AIDS, land and natural resource degradation, and poverty.

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Gender makes the Difference: Corporate social responsibility

Sustainable development and poverty elimination efforts require a global partnership between the public and private sectors. The ethics and practice of Corporate Social Responsibility affirm that enterprises are accountable for their impact on all relevant stakeholders. Corporate Social Responsibility will help to protect environmental and social rights of women and men. 

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