Liberia Climate Change Gender Action Plan (ccGAP) Report

This Climate Change Gender Action Plan (ccGAP) for Liberia was prepared based on the desk review of key reports, publications and websites, surveys and interviews, incountry meetings, stakeholder consultation and research, among others. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all participants for their advice, involvement and commitment to the process, and to their institutions for supporting their participation.

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The Art of Implementation: Gender Strategies Transforming National and Regional Climate Change Decision Making

Abstract: This publication shares IUCN’s experiences in developing the world’s first gender-responsive national strategies and roadmaps on climate change. Different sections outline steps and elements of creating a climate change gender action plan (ccGAP) or REDD+ roadmap; present principles behind the strategies and what has worked best; detailed case studies highlighting sectors that demonstrate the gender dimensions of climate change in different national contexts; and provide recommendations on how to move forward.

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Liberia Climate Change Gender Action Plan (ccGAP) Factsheet

The overall objective of Liberia’s climate change Gender Action Plan (ccGAP) is to ensure that gender equality is mainstreamed into climate change policies, programs, and interventions. The priority areas identified in Liberia’s ccGAP are agriculture, coasts, Forestry, health, water and sanitation, and energy. 

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