Guía sobre Tecnologías de Energía Renovable para Mujeres en Zonas Rurales y Periurbanas Informales

Nuestro deseo es que esta Guía suministre información útil para grupos de mujeres, gobiernos y planificadoras(es) energéticas(os) y les asista en la implementación –en integración de género- de iniciativas de energía renovable apropiadas para contextos locales y en respuesta a las necesidades energéticas de las mujeres y hombres de las zonas rurales y periurbanas informales.

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Training manual on gender and climate change

This manual was created by IUCN and UNDP, coordinating through the Global Gender and Climate Alliance (GGCA), in order to build the capacity at the global level of main decision makers working on climate change initiatives and policies to design and implement gender-responsive climate change strategies. It includes an overview of the interconnectedness of gender and climate change as well as best practices and recommendations for developing gender-responsive initiatives with respect to climate change mitigation, adaptation, technical solutions, and financing.

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Guidelines on renewable energy technologies for women in rural and informal urban areas

The guidelines on renewable energy technologies for women in rural and informal urban areas seek to inform women as key actors about the different potential uses of renewable energies in many areas of their daily lives. Along with hands-on guidance on how to assess available renewable energy technologies, these guidelines are intended to support women in their effort to choose renewable energy technologies appropriate to their particular situations. 

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