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IUCN Report Connects Gender-based Violence to Environmental Degradation

The International Institute for Sustainable Development’s reporting service specializes in independent coverage of intergovernmental policy-making efforts related to the environment and sustainable development. This article presents IUCN’s study on gender-based violence and environmental degradation and how linkages threaten Sustainable Development Goals.

La mujer ante el reto del clima

Artículo de El Periódico de Aragón sobre los hallazgos de la publicación de la UICN, ‘Vínculos entre la violencia de género y el medio ambiente. La violencia de la desigualdad’. El articulo destaca los impactos del cambio climático, las industrias extractivas y la degradación ambiental en el aumento de la violencia de género.

How women are changing statehouses

This article from POLITICO highlights the benefits of women in legislative power in the United States and showcases The Guardian’s article on IUCN’s publication on GBV and environment linkages as trending reads on global warming.

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