Emmett Boyer

Emmett Boyer coordinates IUCN GGO’s inputs into the 16-country Shared Resources, Joint Solutions programme, supports various other GGO projects, and contributes to the generation of knowledge products in their capacity as a Programme Officer for the GGO. Emmett joined the Washington, D.C. office in 2015 as an intern and has since been involved in mainstreaming gender into a myriad of focus areas, including Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR), energy, protected areas management, among others. 

Emmett has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies from the University of Utah and a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Policy from Bard College, where they wrote a thesis on the importance of including gender considerations in FLR activities. When Emmett is not working to further global gender equality, they can be found perfecting their pizza dough recipe, reading books about space, and taking afternoon naps.