Preventing and mitigating gender-based violence to improve access, benefits and control of fisheries resources

Grantee: ActionAid Zambia and Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)
Country: Zambia


Around the globe, fish harvesters are predominantly men, leaving women unseen throughout the sector. However, women represent approximately 90% of the global fisheries post-harvest roles, often acting as the first-buyers at landing sites who then process and market the fish. However, their invisibility and dependency on fish resources has led to the exploitation of women through sex-for-fish practices. In Zambia, climate change impacts on the fisheries sector further worsen conditions. Through the RISE grants challenge, ActionAid Zambia and their implementing partner Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) will address drivers of sex-for-fish exploitation by working with the local legal system, and establishing and training women’s watch committees to build women’s collective action and agency to prevent gender-based violence, and promoting the sustainable management of fisheries resources in three rural districts in the Western Province: Nalolo, Sesheke, and Mongu.