Where are the women in the energy sector?

This case study will explore the training, distribution and support model employed by LivelyHoods, highlighting the accomplishments, challenges and lessons learned along the way. The goal is to provide evidence of the vital role of women in clean energy initiatives, allowing for the prioritization of their involvement across the household clean energy value chain.

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En igual medida: una guía de usuario al análisis de género en la agrosilvicultura

La publicación reúne varios métodos y varias herramientas en una guía de usuario sobre el análisis de género en agroforestería, la cual los investigadores del ICRAF han logrado desarrollar, innovar o aplicar en África y Asia. El libro es útil para investigadores, científicos, oficiales y gerentes de programas que realizan análisis de género e investigación […]

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In Equal Measure: A User Guide to Gender Analysis in Agroforestry

The publication compiles various methods and tools in a user guide on gender analysis that ICRAF researchers were able to develop, innovate or apply in Africa and Asia. The book is useful for researchers, scientists, and program officers and managers doing basic gender analysis and research in agroforestry. The book is structured to cover a […]

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