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Responding to Disclosure of Gender-Based Violence

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Across the conservation sector there is growing awareness of GBV and how environmental programs have the ability to exacerbate—or mitigate—risk of harm (see the GBV-Environment Linkages Center). As more programs aim to minimize GBV risk and increase gender equity, conservation staff would benefit from understanding how to respond to disclosure of GBV in a survivor-centered, trauma-informed way. It is important to remember to slow down, validate the survivor’s experience, and respond to their specific needs. This guidance is not about “fixing” the situation, but instead responding to an individual person’s disclosure of trauma.

This guidance document has been adapted from an internal tool managed by The Nature Conservancy’s Safety Team. It has been edited and published to allow for public use as of March 2022. This document is designed for educational purposes and may undergo future updates.

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