Roots for the Future Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1: Roots for a more equal and sustainable future: An Introduction to climate change—and the value of a gender-responsive approach to tackling it
  • Chapter 2.1: Global policy landscape: A supporting framework for gender-responsive action on climate change
  • Chapter 2.2: National and regional policy and planning: From global standards to transforming local reality
  • Chapter 3: Promoting resilience, rights and resources: Gender-responsive adaptation across sectors [Brief]
  • Chapter 4.1: Flipping the switch: Ensuring the energy sector is sustainable and gender-responsive
  • Chapter 4.2: The Path through the woods: Gender-responsive REDD+ policy and action
  • Chapter 5: Into the cities: Developing and supporting resilient, sustainable, and gender-responsive urban environments
  • Chapter 6: Unlocking the door to action: Gender-responsive climate finance
  • Chapter 7: Leading the way: Case studies of gender-responsive initiatives