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Strengthening technical fisheries partnerships on gender integration

When one thinks of fisheries, images of men on fishing boats come to mind — but fishing encompasses far more than these roles.
At the request of USAID’s Office of Forestry and Biodiversity (FAB), AGENT provided support and guidance in the development of a gender analysis for a global alliance, the Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT), that facilitates knowledge exchange and action to promote legal and sustainable fisheries through improved transparency in seafood supply chains.

Additionally, AGENT participated in the co-creation process and was able to further underscore the importance of understanding how gender issues impact human and labor rights issues, which is a key priority within SALT’s strategic approach.

AGENT’s contributions helped lead to the development of stakeholder working groups that will focus on these social issues and will hopefully expand SALT’s focus beyond vessels to include the entire value chain. This is critical for addressing gender equality issues as women play many important roles throughout the sector and can become change agents in addressing labor conditions.

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