Supporting Parties in developing meaningful national policies

Enhancing institutional capacity for gender mainstreaming—from UN agencies, to multilateral partnerships, donor agencies and international NGOs

IUCN has vast experience supporting institutions and organisations of all sizes, at all levels and across all regions in developing competencies and enabling arrangements for establishing gender equality mandates and mapping steps to their full realisation.

Having facilitated Gender Action Plans for UN Environment, UNCCD and CBD, IUCN continues to be uniquely placed to support their implementation. For example, in 2016, as a follow up to IUCN’s work on the CBD Gender Action Plan, a pilot initiative in Mexico, Uganda and Brazil integrated gender and women’s priority issues into respective draft National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) with support from the Japanese Biodiversity Fund.

The IUCN methodology is rooted in engaging representatives across ministries (e.g. Environment, Agriculture, Energy, Fisheries), sectors and departments of multiple donor governments (including recently Sweden and Switzerland). Moreover, IUCN targets the inclusion of women’s institutions—from grassroots cooperatives, to women’s donor networks and national gender ministries—to further forge spaces for deep understanding of, commitments to and strategies for gender-responsive action across the environmental arena.

Finally, recognising that words on paper are not enough, IUCN has been instrumental in ensuring that all major environmental finance mechanisms, including the climate funds, have clear gender mandates and action plans themselves.