A gender specialist’s view of responsive forest landscape restoration

Knowing that forest landscape restoration (FLR) opportunity assessments are stakeholder driven processes, the specific actions to ensure women and men fully participate in, and equally benefit from, FLR are imperative. We discussed ways to address and overcome gender gaps and biases and avoid reinforcing gender inequalities with Jackie Siles, Senior Gender Coodinator from the IUCN […]

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Planting roots for a sustainable and equitable future

26 April 2017 In Malawi, when asked what trees should be planted as a part of forest landscape restoration (FLR) projects, local stakeholders—predominantly male—suggested trees that provide timber, charcoal, and furniture-making materials commonly used only to provide sources of income. However, in these communities, planting trees and restoring the landscape provides opportunities and benefits for […]

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Brazil paves the way for gender equity in forest and biodiversity conservation

7 March 2017 The gender and environment landscape is slowly changing in Brazil – after several years of concerted effort by IUCN to further gender considerations, women have taken a strong lead at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and restoration efforts. On International Women’s Day, we reflect on the journey toward this achievement. Women around […]

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