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The urgency of addressing gender-based violence against women environmental human rights defenders

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To access this article, please go to the link above and access CEESP Policy Matters Special Issue Vol. 3. The article explores the gender-differentiated forms of violence faced by environmental human rights defenders (EHRD) and highlights the need for addressing the situation of defenders from a gendered perspective. It discusses the roles of state and non-state actors in the perpetration of violence, alongside their duty to protect EHRDs’ rights, as mandated by various international agreements and guiding principles. It also details the work of civil society organisations in reporting gender-differentiated violence and in protecting EHRDs’ rights, and concludes with a set of recommendations for more gender-responsive action. This article was published in the special issue on environment defenders of Policy Matters, a peer-review journal of the IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP).

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