Environment and Gender Information (EGI) platform

IUCN’s EGI platform aims to convey the value of gender-responsive environmental conservation and sustainable development. By providing new evidence-based information and knowledge products, the EGI platform guides action toward a more just world.

The EGI is a resource to influence, encourage and assist governments and civil society, policymakers and practitioners, academia and advocates, donors and the media to propel gender-responsive environmental policy, practice and communication. From measuring women’s participation in environmental decision-making spheres to examining the extent to which gender considerations are taken into account in major national initiatives and reporting, EGI knowledge products serve as tools across frameworks and sectors— building knowledge, measuring commitments and enhancing accountability.

Originally launched in its 2013 pilot phase as a composite index, the EGI has evolved into a source for new knowledge creation and dissemination—and for revealing progress and challenges in meeting commitments to women’s empowerment and gender equality in environmental spheres

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