Gender Analysis & Guidance

GGO has vast experience in developing and implementing frameworks for gender guidance and analysis for a wide range of partner institutions, policies, programmes and processes. GGO relies upon and recommends its own methodologies, including the Framework for Conducting Gender-responsive Analysis and Checklist for Gender-responsive Proposals.

One of GGO’s most recent comprehensive analyses was the 2012 Gender Review of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) , the recommendations of which are currently being undertaken.

GGO regularly reviews publications, standards and safeguards initiatives, project proposals and other sector-specific materials to enhance or otherwise ensure a gender perspective is appropriately integrated.


Population Reference Bureau with Roger-Mark

Beginning in 1997, GGO coordinated with the Population Reference Bureau to develop the capacity of women in Central American countries in the health and the environment sectors by coordinating gender analysis for the first time. GGO surveyed communities, women and men, to provide detailed information on the roles and responsibilities of women in the environmental and health sectors. The data collected provided valuable insight into gender components of environmental issues which, over four years, facilitated and guided extensive workshops on gender and health, environment, and population. These workshops driven by gender analysis included participants from the community, academia, and policy makers. The workshops focused on providing guidance for implementation of gender analysis and mainstreaming by building the technical capacity of the participants in the various sectors. GGO developed policy briefs based on the findings of the workshops and consultations in communities with the women and men in these countries.