Women RISE for Nature (WR4N)

Grantee: TMG Research gGmbH, Rainforest Foundation UK, Kenya Land Alliance, Shibuye Community Health Workers
Country: Kenya


Tenure rights violations are often exacerbated by prolonged periods of drought that increase land scarcity and competition for land. The combination of climate stress on land and financial incentives for control of land from carbon credits are likely to drive up the occurrence of gender-based violence in connection to land rights in affected areas. The project will scale up and qualitatively expand a tenure rights- and gender-based violence monitoring and reporting tool that allows for decentralized reporting of rights violations to community-based organizations that will provide direct support to affected women. The data collected will also inform policy advocacy on sub-national and national levels.

Targeted Outcome

Contributing to a stronger, more equitable and safe participation of women in the planning and execution of carbon credit projects.

Planned community engagement

300 women and 200 men in communities will be reached through awareness-raising campaigns; land rights and related gender-based violence support to at least 100 women; empowering 20 community champions to support women to utilise the reporting and monitoring role to register land rights and gender-based violence concerns; 5-10 men as male champions for women’s legal rights.

Planned Reach

The project aims to impact 10,000 people in targeted sub-counties via policy advocacy and related policy implementation.

Situational background

In several regions in Kenya, carbon credit projects are gaining increased traction, with several forests currently in the process of being degazetted to prepare for new carbon credit projects. The resulting increased competition for land, including land improvement activities to prepare for potential carbon credit projects, leads to increased instances of women’s vulnerable land rights being controlled or grabbed by family members or neighbours, including through verbal harassment, threats and physical assault.

Project Approach

Responding to the increased violations of women’s tenure rights, TMG Research gGmbH (TMG), Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK), Kenya Land Alliance (KLA) and Shibuye Community Health Workers (SCHW), developed a decentralised tenure rights reporting and monitoring tool called Haki Ardhi – meaning land justice in Swahili. Under the RISE grants challenge, project partners will integrate gender-based violence considerations, particularly psychological and physical violence connected with land rights and related carbon credit project disputes within Haki Ardhi. This integration will enable communities and advocates to identify and deploy legal and psychosocial referrals to those in need of support. In addition, the project will raise awareness of the potential negative impacts that gender-neutral approaches to carbon credit projects may have on women. The data collected by Haki Ardhi will also allow project partners to identify hotspots and work to sensitise men, leaders and other stakeholders on not only the risks of rights violations but also mitigating those effects while supporting women to participate equitably in carbon credit projects.